This is the new location for material previously presented on http://www.railwaymapsanddocuments. The material will be transferred to this new site during April and May 2015. 

This is a personal, or hobby, website devoted to my interest in British railway history. It is based around a collection of railway related documents that I’ve accumulated over the years. I find this material fascinating as a record of how some of Britain’s railways were planned, built and modified. Interwoven with the civil engineering information is a social history and human story. I’ve put the material on line for the benefit of others with a shared passion in this aspect of our railway heritage. Some are direct transcripts of old railway documents whilst others are articles I’ve written myself, purely for the fun of it. These are based on a sort of DIY home historical research.

The company that hosted has now withdrawn from the sector forcing this relocation – so for those similarly interested in these historic documents my apologies for the inconvenience.